1. Prom Night

In 1980, gays and lesbians in the U.S. had no legal right to attend high school prom with a same-sex date. Then Aaron Fricke sued his high school and everything changed.

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Hosts and Creators: Gillian Frank and Lauren Gutterman.

Producers: Rebecca Davis, Saniya Lee Ghanoui and Devin McGeehan Muchmore. 

Music: "Milkwood," "These Times," "Wahre," "Nightlight," "A-Calendar," "Home Home," "Pukae," "The Longshoreman," "Heliotrope," and "Bluejay," by Blue Dot Sessions


Thank you to Aaron Fricke who spoke with us about his experiences fighting for the rights of gay people to attend prom. You can learn more about Aaron's story from his memoir Reflections of a Rock Lobster: A Story About Growing Up Gay.



We spoke with youth history and LGBTQ history expert, Amanda H. Littauer, author of Bad Girls: Young Women, Sex and Rebellion before the Sixties



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