5. Touch Me! I'm Yours!


In the 1970s, Evangelical women published bestselling marriage manuals. These books encouraged millions of American women to have active and exciting sex lives. They also insisted that in order to find happiness, a woman must submit to her husband's divinely ordained authority.


Hosts and Creators: Gillian Frank and Lauren Gutterman.

Producers: Rebecca Davis, Saniya Lee Ghanoui and Devin McGeehan Muchmore. 

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Our appreciation goes out to Marabel Morgan and Darien Cooper for speaking with us.

Many thanks to Marie Griffith, author of Moral Combat, for sharing her expertise on evangelical sexual politics.

Thank you to Rebecca Davis, author of More Perfect Unionsfor teaching us about the history of marriage.

We are grateful to Emily Suzanne Johnson, author of the forthcoming book 'This Is Our Message’: Women, Power, and Politics in the New Christian Right for helping us learn about evangelical culture and politics.

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