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 Sexing History, a podcast about how the history of sexuality shapes our present, is hiring an Assistant Producer.
Assistant Producers will assist with the following tasks: 
Researching stories. Finding and researching audio / sound. Composing and editing scripts. Assisting with preproduction. Listening to interviews and logging them. Creating promotional content for episodes. Sitting in and participating in editorial meetings.

Applicants should be advanced graduate students or recent PhDs specializing in the history of sexuality. We are particularly interested in enthusiastic candidates with strong communication and organizational skills who are excited to learn more about digital humanities, podcasting, and public history. Applicants should be able to devote 2-5 hours per week to the podcast. The position comes with an honorarium of $1000 (US). A commitment of 6 months is required. Assistant producers may work from anywhere.

Send a 2-page cover letter, 1-page CV, and a list of 2 references (please enclose these as attachments) to Gillian Frank and Lauren Gutterman c/o by April 10, 2019. In your cover letter be sure to explain why you would like to join the Sexing History team and what you hope to gain from your experience. 

Please be sure to answer the following questions in your cover letter: 
Tell us about an episode of Sexing History that stood out to you. What made it successful, in your opinion? 
Describe a recent episode that you think was less successful. What would have made it stronger? 
What is one topic that Sexing History should cover that we haven't yet done? 
What other podcasts do you listen to regularly?